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Hi, we're Bonnie and Sebastian Vanderboon, the owner/operators of Affinity Solar and Gutter Cleaning based in Camp Hill Brisbane.


As a proud small family business, we aim to treat your home just as if it was our own. That means we ensure that we're not just professional cleaners, but that we are also particular and thorough in the results that we deliver!


Since many homeowners rarely climb up onto their roofs, they often have to trust the word of the professionals they hire to perform maintenance. This leaves them dependent on the expertise and honesty of those contractors to accurately report on the condition of their roofs.


Our honest, upfront approach as well as ability to take picture and videos means that you'll get an actual view of your roof as well as a report of any findings we discover while up. If it was our place, and you were the one up there we'd expect the same level of expected service - so why shouldn't you! 

Corner of a Roof Gutter


When it comes to calling ourselves professional solar panel and gutter cleaners the proof can be seen not just in our work but also in the equipment that we use.


We take pride in our professional-grade equipment, which we maintain meticulously. We use our equipment skilfully to achieve a high-end finish, while also ensuring that your solar panels are not damaged and that their warranty is not voided.

Adhering to the utmost of safety practices, we ensure that we take needed steps to eliminate potential damage to your property, our equipment and ultimately ourselves! 

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