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Maintain your investment

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

As any home owner can tell you, any investment made to your home is always well thought out and are done to add value to your home. So how do you maintain your added home investments to get the best out of them?

Solar Panels have become a great investment to many homes both new and old. Their proven cost effectiveness of these can be seen within months for many users. However, if not well maintained, they too like many other additions to your home can end up costing you more in the long run.

Reports have demonstrated that solar panels if left uncleaned for 6 months onward can begin to loose efficiency up to 7.4% and in most instances solar panels can go years without being cleaned.

Just as rainwater alone is not enough to wash our car windscreen, so too rain isn't enough to wash off your solar panels. Over time bird poo, leaves, dust and dirt can all accumulate on and around your solar panels and if left unattended can cause you some real costly damage. Affinity Solar and Gutter Cleaning recommends a professional regular cleaning of your panels to ensure that they're running at their optimal level all year round

After all isnt it better to spend a little bit now on upkeep rather than having to spend thousands replacing them?

While we're up there cleaning your panels we take videos and photos, so you can see the before and after shots of your panels. This also allows us an opportunity to conduct a video chat with you to point out any findings discovered and point out some possible suggestion to help you get the most our of your solar panels.

To discover more about us simply visit our website or contact us today to book a FREE Quote!

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2023

I had my solar panels checked and cleaned by Sebastian when he visited Charleville earlier in the year. He found I had damage to 3 and the rest, they were working at half capacity.

People, even if you get your solar checked for any anomaly, you will be glad you did,.. unfortunately it cost me 3 new solar panels and a lot of lost profit..


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